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Second Annual Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Outdoor Fest

Our Second Annual Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges OUTDOOR FEST is set for March 11-18, 2017!

Guided walks, bike rides, kayak excursions, photography workshops, 'Nature Therapy', and more to let you see the refuges up close and personal! 

More than just a walk in the park, you’ll learn from local experts about native wildlife, migrating birds, the four Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges and what makes the Florida Keys so special! Follow us on facebook, or email us at flkeysoutdoorfest@gmail.com

Outdoor Fest 2017 features two festivals in one - March 11-14 focuses on Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Key Largo, home to the American Crocodile and the adorable Key Largo Wood Rat. Saturday March 11th 9am - 2pm is the Wildlife and Outdoor Fair featuring hands-on activities for kids, food, music, a silent auction and more!  It's followed by three days (March 12,13,14) of outdoor activities - nature hikes, historical walks, and featured guest speakers who'll entertain you with tales of butterflies, pineapples and more!

Moving down the Keys, March 15-18, the focus shifts to the Refuges of the Lower Keys centered on Big Pine Key.  A sunrise photography walk on Wednesday is followed by guided nature walks, a reptile walk, butterfly encounters, bike rides and kayak excursions. Don't miss our open house at the Refuges' Visitor Center all on Big Pine Key featuring the results of this years' Photography Contest!  Wednesday March 15th, 5:30-7:30pm. The Lower Keys' Saturday Family Fun Wildlife and Outdoor Fair is Saturday, March 18th 9am-2pm, featuring a different cast and experiences including food, music, silent auction, kids activities, and so much more! 

Last year's first ever OUTDOOR FEST in March 2016 was a brilliant success!  People from all over got to experience our National Wildlife Refuges first hand though guided walks, bike rides, kayak trips and so much more! The Saturday Family fun fairs - one each in Key Largo and Big Pine showcased not only our incredible wildlife but also many of our eco-minded non profit partners! Special thanks to all who helped make our OUTDOOR FEST a great success - Friends, Volunteers, Sponsors, Visitors, and all!

Here is the complete schedule for Outdoor Fest! choose one guided nature walk or enjoy many of the activities offered during the week! For a downloadable pdf file, click here  this takes you to the Official National Key Deer Refuge site.

Almost everything is free, but space is limited, please sign up early! To register online: Click Here  

(This link takes you to the registration page on Eventbrite.com)

Questions?  Call Kristie 305-304-9625 or email Jan or Nancy at flkeysoutdoorfest@gmail.com

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